Campers will stay in cabins nestled together amongst the trees. Most cabins sleep 8 campers and two cabin leaders. Our cabins all have bunk beds and good ventilation. All of our cabins have electricity, fire alarms and our washrooms are centrally located. Each bathroom has hot water and showers.

Age Considerations
Age limits are meant to be a guideline. Exceptions are made for campers who function at a different level than their age would suggest.

We do our best to be a peanut aware environment. We do not cook or serve food that contains peanut ingredients and we discourage staff and campers from bringing items that contain peanuts. Please let us know if your child suffers from any major allergy.

Arrival and Departure
Registration begins Sunday at 6:30 pm, unless otherwise stated in the Confirmation Letter. Pick up is on Friday at 4:00 pm, except Mini Camp which begins Sunday at 4:30pm and ends Tuesday at 7 pm. Please respect these times.

If you need to pick up your camper early please let us know in advance. Also there are a number of campers who need to leave for a couple of hours throughout the week (for a sports game, family function, etc) and this is fine provided we have notice. We ask that you fill out a form on Registration Day if this is the case.

PERMISSION TO LEAVE CAMP: Since campers have been entrusted into the care of Camp Seggie, all campers must be signed out of their cabin (by their Sr. Cabin-leader). No camper is permitted to leave camp on Closing Day, or for any reason, with friends or other family members, without permission of parent or guardian.If someone other than a parent or legal guardian is picking a camper up, then prior permission must be given to the camp office.

Cabin Mate Requests
You can request to have your camper in the same cabin as a friend or other family member. There is space on the Registration Form for this and we will seek to honour all cabinmate requests. This is optional and several campers do not make any requests.

Camper/Staff Ratios
We have excellent Camper to Staff ratio. We generally have around 100 campers and 40 staff making it a 4 to 1 ratio.

Change of Address
If you change your mailing or email address please contact the office and let us know. We wouldn’t want any of your correspondence to get lost in the mail or in cyberspace.

Co-ed Camps
All of our camps are Co-ed. We generally have a ratio of 60% female and 40% male for each age group.

Communication/Phone Calls
Mail - Campers look forward to receiving mail and we encourage parents and relatives to send letters. It generally takes 2-3 days for us to receive mail. We recommend sending the letter the Friday before they arrive at camp, or by Tuesday of their camp week. Please do not send anything through the mail that may contain a nut product. Our mailing address is Camp Seggie (camper’s name, cabin #) PO Box 302 Charlottetown, PE C1A 7K7. Your camper can send letters back to you provided they have stamps or purchase a stamp from the Tuck Shop.

Fax - You may fax your letter to 902-675-3242, please include full name of camper, and cabin number on fax. Campers are unable to fax back.

- You may email your camper. When your child is at camp, click here to go to our online form to send an email to your child. Campers are unable to e-mail back.

Phone - Campers do not normally have access to the phone. We would encourage you not to call them unless it is an emergency. To contact a camper in an emergency situation, please call the camp office at 902-675-3799. If you would like to know how your child is making out, we ask that you call and talk to their Cabin Leader and preferably during regular office hours (9am – 5pm).

Electives (Skills) and Activities
Whether an expert or beginner, there’s something for you! Our qualified staff will encourage you and ensure your safety. There are over 30 activity options to choose from (click here to view The Elective List), and all equipment and safety gear is provided. Please note that for the safety of our guests, all campers must pass a swim test to swim in the deep end of the swimming pool. Campers who do not pass the swim test will have to stay in the shallow end while swimming at the pool. All campers are required to wear a PFD (personal floatation device) while taking part in activities at the waterfront.

Financial Assistance
We offer financial assistance by request on a case by case basis. Please don’t let finances stop you from coming to Camp Seggie! Click here for more info.

Food Services
Always one of the most important parts of camp, we provide quality food and plenty of it! Healthy and delicious home-style meals are prepared daily and usually served cafeteria style. Vegetarian options can be provided, and we seek to meet all special needs. We strive to be a peanut aware environment and do our best to avoid peanuts and peanut products. If your child has special dietary requirements please contact the camp and discuss it with the registrar. We strive to accommodate as best we can.

We’ve taken great precautions to accommodate our Gluten Free Campers. Special plates, cutlery, cooking utensils, pots and pans were purchased to ensure of no cross-contamination. These precautions paid off with zero incidents of gluten contamination.

As of April 1, 2013, all camps are now required to charge HST on all fees for summer camps, retreats, and rental groups.

Health and Safety
A healthy camp is a happy camp. That is why maintaining camper health is
a top priority at Camp Seggie. Our facilities and kitchen procedures
are given a yearly inspection by a Provincial Health Inspector. We have
qualified first aid attendants who administer medications and have round
the clock access to doctors who live close by. All of our Leadership
Staff and Senior Cabin Leaders have current first aid training and Queen
Elizabeth Hospital is located just 30 minutes from our site.

Additional Health Centre Services:
Epi Pen training for all staff
Regular medication dispensing
Sun protection protocol

You are entrusting us with your children and we take this responsibility
very seriously. We are therefore committed to providing a safe and
secure camping environment for all our campers and staff. During
Training Week our staff is trained in handling emergency situations and
undergoes mock drills for preparedness.

Our Safety Assurance:
All waterfront staff are qualified lifeguards
First aid kits at key areas
Leadership Staff and Sr Cabin Leaders certified in first aid and CPR
Campers are supervised by Cabin Leaders all day and all night.
Your child is never left unsupervised even after bed time.
CCI accredited
Risk management of site, facilities and activity areas strictly enforced
Thorough staff screening

Health Issues
We do our best to accommodate campers with special health needs. We have a qualified staff member on site who administers medications and handles basic first aid procedures. Please remember when bringing any prescription medications to camp they MUST be in their original labeled container, or you may wish to go to your local pharmacy and have your camper’s medications placed in an appropriate blister-pack. Our site is wheel-chair accessible complete with wheel-chair accessible bathrooms and showers. However, there are no walking paths and the majority of our grounds is grass covered. Parents are to surrender all medications to our camp med staff and provide medical insurance if their child is not covered by a provincial medical plan. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital is located within 30 minutes of Camp Seggie. All of our Leadership Staff and Sr Cabin Leaders have current first aid and CPR training.

Coming to camp and being away from parents can be a tough experience for some campers. We totally understand this and are quite sympathetic to this type of situation. Our Cabin Leaders are trained in this and we take it very seriously. We will not continue to keep a camper at camp who does not want to be here.

Camp is an awesome place to spend a week but we realize for some campers
there’s no place like home. If your child is homesick, we do our best
to promote all the fun they will have this week and keep their minds on
the activities. If they get involved these feelings often pass and they
have a great week.

If your child is not settling in and is very
upset, our next move is to have their cabin leader or a director call
you and discuss what you would like to do (have their cabin leader
encourage them to try a night, speak to them yourself, and in the most
unfortunate cases - pick up a very unhappy camper). This is your child –
we let you make the call.

To help prevent homesickness:
1. DO talk to your child about camp and the week well in advance, practice
some overnights at a friend’s house, provide paper to keep a journal or a
stamp to send a letter mid week, send them mail at camp, ensure your
child is comfortable taking care of their hygiene, and if necessary
visit the site in advance to help prepare them (please call first).

2. DON’T go on and on about all the fun they will miss at home, don’t cry
or have a lingering goodbye on their first day, don’t promise them
you’ll call every night or that they can call you (they may not need it
even if you do!!)

Inappropriate Behavior
Camp Seggie reserves the right to send campers home for inappropriate behaviour at the parent(s) or guardian(s) expense and without refund. The safety and security of our guests is always of the highest priority.
What the Camper Should Know Before Arriving

  1. Camp Seggie is a smoke free facility. Smoking by anyone is prohibited.
  2. Camp Seggie will not tolerate fighting or bullying.
  3. Camp Seggie will not tolerate crude language or demeaning comments.
  4. Camp Seggie will not tolerate disrespect towards other campers or staff.

Behavioural Expectations
Campers are expected to treat one another respectfully (no put downs or rough horse play). Camp Seggie strives to resolve behavioural problems with campers promptly and effectively but reserves the right to dismiss a camper for behavioural problems at the discretion of the Directors. No refund will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action. Parents will be responsible for the removal of the camper due to dismissal.

Child and Staff Protection Policy
1. It is our aim to provide a suitable and safe environment for both campers and staff.
2. Recognize that as camp staff, we do not have the authority to
administer physical punishment.
3. We cannot use forceful apprehension
except to restrain a child for their own safety, the protection of
property, or if the safety of another person is at risk. While some
children may be seeking attention and a hug may be a good therapy, do so
only when other staff are present. No child shall be inappropriately
touched, and shall not be touched if they do not desire to be touched.
4. No child shall be spoken to in a derogatory manner.
5. To avoid misunderstandings, no child shall be left alone in the company
of only one staff in a closed room, unless that person is the parent or
legal guardian.
6. Children under our care shall be supervised at all times by staff members.
7. If there is good reason to believe we are dealing with an abused child,
remember that it is the legal duty of every adult to report any
well-founded suspicion of child abuse and the law will protect us
against liability for doing so. Contact the Director or one of the
senior staff members immediately.
8. Being entrusted with
responsibility for children brings the responsibility to report any
violations of these guidelines to the Director, who may feel it is
necessary to suspend a staff member while an investigation is conducted.
It is our aim to deal quickly and thoroughly with such matters as that
child and staff may safely experience the love of God.

Forms of Camper Discipline:
Limiting Activity
Making Restitution
Withdrawing Privileges
Talk with Director or Leader
Phoning Parent/Guardian
Sending the Camper Home if deemed necessary by the Director

Items for Sale
We sell snacks in the Tuck Shop on a daily basis. Campers are not permitted to carry cash on their person so a deposit is made to their account during registration and any refunds will be given if applicable. We also sell Camp T-Shirts. These are available on Registration Day or on the last day of camp.

Lost and Found
All lost and found items are displayed multiple times during the week for the campers to claim. All unclaimed items (with the exception of socks & underwear) are washed and stored until the end of August, at which time we donate them to a local charity. Please call the office if you have lost an item and we will attempt to locate it and return it to you.

We recommend that you pack with your child’s help. Involve them in the process of choosing what to bring so that they can identify their own belongings. Labeling everything is also very helpful. Click here to view our “Packing List”.

Clothing Policy: Camp Seggie maintains a dress code consistent with Island schools: Shirts should be modest — no strapless shirts or shirts that show midriff. Bathing suits are to be modest and preferably one-piece.

Rain Days
We know rain happens but hope it doesn’t. Luckily we are equipped with spacious facilities which allow us a lot of space to conduct games and activities even while it rains. Although the rain is not desired, we still have a great time even when it pours. But please remember to pack clothes and rain gear with those days in mind.

Religious Experience
We are a church camp and teach the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. However, we are not in the business of converting campers to a specific church or denomination. Everyone is welcomed and all beliefs are respected. Campers will attend daily chapel services and the Bible will be discussed throughout the week.

Refund Policy
Camp Seggie will refund 50% of your payment if you give 7 days notice of cancellation before the start date of your camp. (We need to withhold a small administration fee for any refund transaction)

Leaving Early: If your child has to
leave camp early due to circumstances beyond their control, please contact the office and we can discuss it further.

In order to register your camper we will need a completed registration form along with the payment. We will send a Confirmation upon receipt of your registration (or we may call depending on time frame and situation). It will contain all necessary information. Don’t worry, we work hard to make your first day at camp go smoothly and hassle free! If you have any questions at any time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Repeat Campers
Your camper is welcome to come to Camp Seggie for more than one week.

Swimming Pool
We have an in ground pool with a 3 ft shallow end and an 8 ft deep end. Swimming is always supervised by certified lifeguards. We allow 25 swimmers per lifeguard. During camps and school groups a child will have to pass a quick swim test before they are allowed to swim in the deep end. Also we have limited life jackets and pool toys available for use during pool times.

Parents are responsible for transportation to and from camp. Click here for directions. The only exception is during some Electives and you will be made aware of this if you sign up for this type of Skill. In this case we will transport your camper to and from the given location in staff vehicles. An additional waiver must be signed for this.

Tuck/Snack Shop
We call our camp store the Tuck Shop. Each afternoon campers have an opportunity to buy snack products from our Tuck Shop. For security campers are not permitted to keep money in their cabin. All camp store money is deposited into an account for the campers so they don’t have to handle cash. Any remaining money is returned at the end of the week if it exceeds one dollar. We recommend $15 – $25 per week for snacks (souvenirs and clothing extra). Camp memorabilia & clothing ranges in price from $10 - $30.

We do not encourage parents to visit their campers throughout the week as this often cause feelings of homesickness for their camper and for other campers.

Waiting Lists
If a camp fills up we will put your name on a waiting list and there is no cost to do this. Please know that we will contact you as soon as possible if a spot becomes available. We want you here – and we apologize for any inconvenience. By the way, adding your name to the waiting list will ensure that you’ll get next summer’s brochure in the mail as soon as it is available.