2021 Camps

Camp Seggie is a non-profit children’s Camp where Christian faith is taught and practiced. For more about what we believe click here.

Pay What You Can

Camp Seggie’s goal is for as many campers as possible to experience a life changing week at our camp.  For this coming summer, our registration fees will allow you to set the price for a week of camp.  We expect that for some, the amount you pay may not be much while for others, you will be able to continue your generous support for the camp.  Regardless of your finances, we hope you take this opportunity to send your loved one to Camp Seggie so they can experience an amazing week of camp.

 Due to COVID-19 Camp Seggie will be offering Day Camp Programming only - prices listed below

Please see our COVID-19 FAQ page for more details

If you require a paper registration please give us a call at 902-675-3799


Full Weeks Start Sunday at 6:30pm and end Friday at 4:00pm. They last six days and five nights.


Day Camps for full week camps: Sunday 6pm-8:30pm;Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm; Friday 9am-4:00 pm
Campers that select this option do all the normal camp activities during the day but sleep at home during the night. You can also schedule late pick-up or drop-off times and meals.


Half Weeks Lasts three days and two nights (either Sunday at 6:30pm to Tuesday at 7:30pm or Wednesday at 9am to Friday at 4:00pm). It’s like a mini week option open to any aged camper during any full camp week.


Mini Camps Lasts three days and two nights (Sunday at 4:30pm – Tuesday at 7:00pm).