A Day at Camp Seggie


At Camp Seggie we love to do fun and exciting things and we’re always trying something new. Each day at camp looks a little different than the last but they all have some stuff in common. For example all of our campers sleep in cabins with 8-10 other campers and a Junior and Senior Cabin Leader. All campers are put into teams and everyone gets to pick one Major Elective that lasts all week and a cabin Minor Elective that is chosen on a daily basis.

Each morning begins with a big, hardy Breakfast, followed by Cabin Clean-up and the first activity of the day which happens to be Major Elective time.

A Major Elective is one big activity that each camper selects before getting to camp. You’ll get to do this activity every day while you’re at camp and by the end of the week you’ll be a pro!

After Major Elective we head to the Chapel where we sing songs and listen to puppet shows, dramas, speakers, etc… all with the aim of sharing stories and lessons found in the Bible. Camp Seggie is all about sharing the Love of God with our campers. But don’t worry, you wont be asked to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

After Chapel, we usually play a Game in the back field. You will not believe some of the awesome games we play here! Mugs is a classic Camp Seggie favourite and we love teaching it to our new campers!

We break at noon for a scrumptious Lunch served in the dining hall. We feed and entertain our campers here and like to do silly stuff like theme meals, yellow cups, and table games. Meals can get kind of crazy around here!

The afternoon involves a short cabin Quiet time period where campers chill out in their cabins with their fellow cabin mates and cabin leaders. This is a time for resting and a quick cabin devotion where our Cabin Leaders share their own stories of God at work in their lives.

Every afternoon, cabins participate in a Rotation of activities to experience all of the awesome things we have to do at Camp. This will include some Pool and waterslide time or playing on the WIBIT, Tuck time (where we get to grab some snacks from the tuck shop), and what we call ‘Minor Elective‘ where you and your cabin mates can do one of the other camp activities like Rock Wall, BMX, Archery, Sports, The Lab, Outdoor Adventures, etc.

After rotation we usually play another big Game and then head in for Supper. Sometimes we dress up in crazy outfits so be sure to bring some dress up clothes if you have any, or your counsellor will help you out!

Evenings at Camp are always a ton of fun. Free time, Camp Fires, Chapel, and lets not forget NIGHT GAMES!! are a few of the things that usually take place! Sometimes we have a special movie night or talent show too!

We love our campers and try to organize the schedule to jam pack the most fun into every moment we can. We also realize that some campers like a slower pace and we try to be sensitive to this too by varying the games we play and incorporating some supervised free play time also.